Tahitian Pearl Jewelery – JOYA’s Kai Collection May 15 2015

When I started designing jewelry years ago, I knew that Tahitian pearls had to be part of my designs. These gems are not only my birth-“stone”, but also a big part of life here in the Pacific.

The pearls I use in my designs are sourced from Tahiti and have an amazing quality. Tahitian pearls are graded from A-D and in addition their value depends on the size, shape & inclusions on the surface of the pearl. When shopping for my pearls, I normally get a huge variety of colors, as I like to play around with the different shades these pearls have.


Tahitian pearl necklaces & triple hoop earrings.


The sliding pearl necklace with hoop earrings, double pearl cuff & ring.


New design for 2015, is the Tahitian teardrop Champagne Quartz mala necklace.


Tahitian pearl & shark tooth is a perfect combo.


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 JOYA by Sarina also makes custom designs, and if you have any specific requests for your Tahitian pearl jewelry, please contact me.

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